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The Chariots Have Arrived!

The Feel of a Vintage Ride!

The Belmont Barber Chair is a classic design. Cheryl’s grandmother, also a stylist and barber, had Belmont chairs in her neighborhood shop in Fall River, Massachusetts in the 1950’s.

Estelle Dumont, Master Barber & Stylist


“My grandmother  (Estelle Dumont) always said ‘buy it once’. She was all about quality.

She didn’t skimp in her business — right down to the high end styling   chairs. I know she would be proud that I am following her lead by using Belmont chairs in my shop too” said Cheryl.




Steve’s Before And After

        Chez Moustache client Steve  D. is both creative and a business professional. He wanted a look that matched him — both artsy and business.

Cheryl shortened his hair and took off some of the bulk, while still preserving his curls. Overall a sophisticated business look was achieved while keeping his sense of length and natural curl. She used hair product for Steve’s front, side and back locks. Steve can manage this style with very little time. A nice hot shave allowed her to sharpen up the edges of  his beard too. Now sensibly quaffed Steve can wear this look with a tuxedo or jeans.

Haircuts and Hot Shaves

Licensed barbers are the only professionals who can offer shaving services.  It’s more than just a shave– it’s a relaxing and revitalizing experience that will leave your face and neck clean, incredibly smooth and hydrated.


The face is first prepared with hot towels to open pores and loosen facial hair. Next a  pre-shave oil is applied and massaged into the skin to cleanse and further open pores. Warm shaving cream is then spread over the face and neck to cleanse the skin further and prepare the face for the straight edge shave.  The barber first shaves with the grain of the hair growth.  Hot towels are applied again and the barber uses the straight edge again to shave against the grain. Hot towels remove excess cream and shavings, and cold towels are applied to close the pores. A shave lotion is massaged into the skin for a smooth, finished look and feel.

The Consultation: Key to a Good Haircut

“The key to a good haircut is a good consultation,” says owner and master barber Cheryl Dumont. “Talk to your barber about your hair and your head: Do you have any cowlicks, bumps or lumps? Every head is different.  Do you know exactly what you want?  Or do you want a recommendation? There’s a relationship between client and barber that grows over time, but the consultation paves the way for the client to leave satisfied right from the get-go.”

Shampoo: The Cleaner Your Head, The Better the Cut

          The shampoo and comb-out  is an important part of the barber’s service and insures the health of the client’s hair and scalp from one visit to another. “I wash and part the hair to observe whether the condition of the client’s hair and scalp is changing,” explains master barber Cheryl Dumont. “Clean hair allows the barber’s tools to work effectively and give you the best haircut you can get.”

(The word shampoo comes from the Hindu word, chhampo, and means to press or knead, or massage.)


Women are Welcome — of course!

      The concept of a barber shop infers a male domain but at Chez Moustache women are welcome too.  Maybe she likes the way her husband or son’s haircut looks or maybe she wants a blended, tapered short haircut, which Chez Moustache can do with ultimate precision. Here are a few pics of famous chic ladies with short styles.