We’re blushing here at Chez Moustache over the wonderful recognition we received from the R.I. Monthly Magazine. We are truly honored to be considered one of this prestigious magazine’s “Best of” — Thank you!

EXCERPT FROM RI MONTHLY: "...Marvel at how Dumont sharpens the edges of a beard and tames -- but doesn't eviscerate -- curls, striking the perfect balance between business and artsy."

“…Marvel at how Dumont sharpens the edges of a beard and tames — but doesn’t eviscerate — curls, striking the perfect balance between business and artsy.”

Happy Independence Day


Summer styling for the gentleman can be tricky to navigate.  So we’ve compiled a few tips that you may find handy to keep you looking dapper this season. The following styling tips are approved from Chez Moustache and brought to you by Esquire Magazine’s Big Black Book.

The Panama Hat


Esquire: “The best hat will always be a ball cap, but a well-worn Panama hat (actually from Ecuador, named for its weave) is a bit more refined.  Opt for natural over white.”

Chez Moustache: We lean towards the Panama or a straw hat and would keep the ball cap to sporting events or backyard work.

Seersucker Pants


Esquire: “Instead of wearing a full suit, just wear the pants. You can add a casual blue blazer, but dress it down with a T-shirt.”

Chez Moustache: We’re a big fan of seersucker!  If you are pairing it with a blue blazer… please, please, please make sure the T-shirt is not an undershirt. It should be clean, slightly fitted and very white.



Esquire: “No sandal is dressy (a pair of brogues or even espadrilles is better), but if you’re by a beach or pool and have no known fungus, carry on.”

Chez Moustache: Gentlemen here’s the bad news —  the ladies look at your feet.  If your toes are showing make sure they are clean and the nails are cut short. If you have toe fungus cover it up.

How To Wear Shorts



“There is no single prescribed length for shorts, but there is a clear sweet spot: an inch above your kneecap.  Consider it a starting point, and add or subtract from there based on your comfort level with your body.”

“If you are of thick leg or small stature, shorts that hit higher on the thigh will stretch you out a bit (In order to avoid confusing bulges, the shorter your shorts, the fewer things you’ll want to carry in your pockets.)  If you are tall or have thin legs, the opposite is true – your shorts should fall closer to your knee.  The longer they are, the more fitted they should be. You should also consider a cuff, which will give the illusion of heft.  And unless you’re actively harvesting clams, it’s never okay to go past the knee.”

Chez Moustache: We always prefer pants to shorts, but if you are wearing shorts we would rather you wear the “sweet spot” length or longer.

Happy Summer!