The Chariots Have Arrived!

The Feel of a Vintage Ride!

The Belmont Barber Chair is a classic design. Cheryl’s grandmother, also a stylist and barber, had Belmont chairs in her neighborhood shop in Fall River, Massachusetts in the 1950’s.

Estelle Dumont, Master Barber & Stylist


“My grandmother  (Estelle Dumont) always said ‘buy it once’. She was all about quality.

She didn’t skimp in her business — right down to the high end styling   chairs. I know she would be proud that I am following her lead by using Belmont chairs in my shop too” said Cheryl.





4 thoughts on “The Chariots Have Arrived!

  1. Really cool! Love the chairs & the whole atmosphere you’re creating…Hope to be able to stop in and get a cut in your shop someday. Found your blog through How to Cut Hair & will be checking back frequently!

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