Haircuts and Hot Shaves

Licensed barbers are the only professionals who can offer shaving services.  It’s more than just a shave– it’s a relaxing and revitalizing experience that will leave your face and neck clean, incredibly smooth and hydrated.


The Straight Hot Shave

The face is first prepared with hot towels to open pores and loosen facial hair. Next a  pre-shave oil is applied and massaged into the skin to cleanse and further open pores. Warm shaving cream is then spread over the face and neck to cleanse the skin further and prepare the face for the straight edge shave.  The barber first shaves with the grain of the hair growth.  Hot towels are applied again and the barber uses the straight edge again to shave against the grain. Hot towels remove excess cream and shavings, and cold towels are applied to close the pores. A shave lotion is massaged into the skin for a smooth, finished look and feel.

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